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I knew I wanted more after just one month of showing up to the same mundane corporate office during my internship senior year of college. I was tired of asking for permission to take time off, being told what to do, not passionate about my work, and the idea of doing this for 40 more years until I retired in my 60s PRAYING that I'm healthy enough to finally travel and spend more time with my future family absolutely terrified me. After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (basic investor story I know...), discovering BiggerPockets, and watching Youtubers MeetKevin/Graham Stephan I knew real estate would be my path to maximize the American dream for my immigrant Vietnamese grandparents that risked their lives for me to have self-actualization as an option in my life.



After graduating from UT in 2018, I joined Zillow as an Acquisitions Analyst and acquired 600+ homes totaling 200 MM+ in sales volume working closely with consumers, builders, and  institutional investors. This experience  allowed me to become a local market expert using data/trends, thoroughly understanding the home buying process, and develop my real estate financial analysis skills.

At 24, I bought my first property using an investment strategy called "house hacking" that allows me to own real estate for free. I live in one of the rooms and by renting out the extra bedrooms, I live completely rent free in a house that I own! My goal is to be financially free by 30 by buying one house hack a year along with flips, BRRRRs, and traditional buy and holds in-between. My first property completely changed my life and has led me to a new career path as a Realtor® to help as many people do the same. I'm not special by any means and want to show as many other people, millennials, and minorities that investing in real estate is possible!



Outside of real estate.... you'll probably find me doing something spontaneous to feed my inner adrenaline junkie, on a boat on Lake Travis or Austin, traveling to explore the digital nomad lifestyle, supporting local Austin gyms, eating too much at Terry Blacks or Sushi Junai, or doing absolutely nothing at home with my little man Dash (yes named after the DJ Dash Berlin). 

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